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Design Furnishings, Inc.

Outdoor Furniture made in California. Founded in 1999, Design Furnishings is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of online source for top quality indoor and outdoor furniture at highly discounted prices. Find a huge selection of Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture, Wicker Seating and Dining Sets, Lounge Chairs and Outdoor Accessories.

Products :

Wicker Outdoor Seating Sets
(Madison Ave., River Brook, Belmont, Rosemont, Club Chair Sets, Boulevard, Pearl Bay, Pacific, Key Largo, New Haven, Catalina, Premier, Bermuda, Tuscan, Hampton, Rustico)
kathy ireland® Collections
Outdoor Wicker Dining Table and Chairs / Furniture Sets
(New Haven Dining, Rustico Dining, Tuscan Dining, Bermuda Dining, Pacific Dining, Catalina Dining, Key Largo Dining, Premier Dining, Pearl Bay Dining, Hampton Dining, Harmony Dining, Classic Dining)
Outdoor Bar Furniture
(Bermuda Bar Furniture, Premier Bar Furniture, Catalina Bar Furniture, Hampton Bar Furniture, Pacific Bar Furniture, New Haven Bar Furniture, Rustico Bar Furniture, Tuscan Bar Furniture, Classic Bar Furniture, Royal Bar Furniture, Harmony Bar Furniture)
Chaise Lounge Sofas & Chairs
(Catalina Chaise Lounge, Bermuda Chaise Lounge, Pacific Chaise Lounge, Hampton Chaise Lounge, Pearl Bay Chaise Lounge, Premier Chaise Lounge, New Haven Chaise Lounge, Tuscan Chaise Lounge, Key Largo Chaise Lounge, Rustico Chaise Lounge, Harmony Chaise Lounge, Classic Chaise Lounge)
Furniture Accessories
(Cover Set, Cushion, Chair, Barstool, Storage, Umbrella, Pillow, Furniture Cover, Clip, Side Table)
Pillows & Cushions

Pacific Outdoor Patio Dining Table
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Address :
Design Furnishings
3919 Channel Drive
West Sacramento, CA 95691
Phone : 877-751-6068 (Toll Free)
Hours : Monday through Saturday from 8:30am-5:30pm EST
Email : sales[at]
[at] = @
Website :

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